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Analysis of common technical problems in engineering machinery maintenance

Issuing Time:2018-12-22

1. It is impossible to correctly judge the analysis failure, and the phenomenon of blindly dismantling and unloading is commonplace

some maintenance personnel due to The structure and principle of the construction machinery are unclear. The cause of the failure is not carefully analyzed. The fault location cannot be accurately judged. With the idea of ​​“probably, almost”, the mechanical dismantling is unloaded blindly. The result is not only the original fault, but also due to maintenance skills and The process is poor and new problems arise. Therefore, when the machine fails, it must be tested by the testing equipment. If there is no testing equipment, it can be determined by the traditional fault judgment methods and means such as “question, see, check, test”, combined with the structure and working principle of the construction machinery. The most likely area of ​​failure. When judging the failure of the construction machinery, the "exclusion method" and the "comparative method" are generally used. The order is from simple to complex, and the internal and the first assembly are re-assembled in the order of the first and the first assembly, and it is forbidden to "disregard the indiscriminate, blindly dismantling and unloading." ".

2, blindly replace the parts, the phenomenon of "replacement repair" exists to varying degrees

The judgment and elimination of engineering machinery faults is relatively difficult. Some maintenance personnel have always adopted the method of replacement test. Regardless of the large and small parts, as long as it is considered that it may be the faulty parts, the replacement test will be carried out one by one. Excluded, and the parts that should not be replaced are replaced at will, increasing the cost of consumers. There are also some faulty parts that can be repaired to restore their technical performance. They can be repaired without complicated repair process. However, the maintenance personnel require the user to replace the new parts and use the “replacement repair” method to cause serious waste. The above-mentioned blind replacement test and the practice of replacing the repairable parts are still present to varying degrees in some repair units. During maintenance, the cause and location of the fault should be carefully analyzed and judged according to the fault phenomenon. The repaired parts should be repaired to restore technical performance and eliminate the blind replacement of parts.

3, do not check the quality of new parts, the problem of failure after assembly is more common

Before replacing the parts, some maintenance personnel do not perform technical inspections on the new parts, and directly install them on the construction machinery. This is unscientific. At present, the quality of spare parts sold on the market is uneven, some fake and shoddy parts are mixed with beads; some accessories have changed performance due to long inventory time. If they are not tested, they often cause failure after assembly. Be sure to carry out the necessary inspections and tests before replacing new parts. The tests include appearance and performance tests to ensure that the new parts are not faulty and prevent unnecessary troubles.

4, not paying attention to the model of the accessory, the substitution or misuse of the accessory is more common

When repairing construction machinery, the substitution or misuse of accessories is still common. Some accessories are feasible for emergency use, but long-term use is harmful and affects the safety and technical performance of the machine. Some maintenance personnel have little understanding of the mechanical structure and principle, and many spare parts models do not match, but they believe that as long as they can be installed, it is not considered whether the mechanical performance of the machine can be exerted. Therefore, when repairing construction machinery, the original type of accessories should be used as much as possible, and other types of accessories should not be used instead, and it should not be misused.