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A Brief Analysis of the Identification Method of the Genuine Parts of Imported Construction Machinery Parts

Issuing Time:2018-12-22

Quality accessories are the basis for the proper functioning of machinery. Due to the needs and interests of the maintenance machinery, there are a variety of imported and automotive accessories on the market, but the quality is uneven. At present, imported mechanical parts on the market mainly include two categories: “import” and “localization”.

Imported parts include pure parts of the whole machine factory, high-quality components of professional supporting factories, and other models produced by the non-machine factory (such as Japan, Korea, Singapore) Etc.), as well as accessories from Hong Kong and Taiwan. "Localized" pieces, which are imported from the factory and imported machinery, are generally marked with the production mark of the factory.

There are also some imported machinery parts that are copied from informal factories and even private workshops, and are sold as genuine imported parts or professional factory packaging. It is a fake product. There are also non-Japanese or American machine parts imported from South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other Asian countries and regions, and are equipped with exquisite and pure parts packaging. These are collectively called fake products. Although they can be used, they are far less than the original ones. The quality requirements of the parts, especially the imitation parts produced by the informal manufacturers, cannot meet the quality requirements of the genuine parts and the professional products from the aspects of materials, processes and functions, and have an impact on the normal use and maintenance of the mechanical vehicles. It is necessary to identify imported mechanical parts and units.

Imported mechanical parts can be identified from many aspects, mainly from packaging, intrinsic quality, product price and purchase channels.

I. Identify from the outer packaging

Identify according to the packaging, is to check the imported accessories An important procedure for authenticity. The packaging of genuine parts and accessories of foreign professional supporting factories is exquisitely made, and the colors, patterns and styles have certain rules, which are generally difficult to imitate. Imitation packaging is rough and easier to distinguish. However, some imitations rely on modern and advanced printing technology to make the parts packaging very realistic. If they are not carefully identified, it is difficult to distinguish them. Imported machinery parts generally have outer packaging and inner packaging, and are packaged with packaging boxes and packaging boxes; the inner packaging is generally wrapped paper with packaging and plastic bags or paper bags.

The outer box (box) is affixed with the manufacturer's uniform, clear printing, excellent paper, and printed with GENUINEPARTS9 (pure parts) mark, and marked with Part number, name, quantity, and manufacturer and country. The imitation label printing is not fine, the color is not light or heavy, it is difficult to be consistent with the pure piece packaging. The part number printed by the computer and the color of the manufacturer's mark are not light and heavy, and the identification can be distinguished. From the perspective of the packing box (box), the imported packaging box (box) has a tight texture and a clear pattern. The packaging box is printed with the manufacturer and the pure parts. For example, Komatsu has printed Komatsu on the whole box (KOMATSU). ) and the genuine parts (GENUINEPARTS), Mitsubishi Corporation printed (MITSUBISHI) and genuine parts (GENUINEPARTS) on the entire package, but the imitation package also printed these marks, but the color is not correct, the pattern is not clear. In order to prevent counterfeiting, some foreign companies have anti-counterfeiting marks on their packaging labels, which can be taken into account when identifying. The inner packaging is usually wrapped paper, paper bag or plastic bag, and the package is printed with genuine parts and company logo. The pattern, color and pattern of the wrapping paper are hard to be the same.

When identifying the packaging of imported parts, it should also be noted that construction machinery and automobile manufacturers have their own suppliers of professional supporting parts. When importing the manufacturer's accessories, the package has both the whole machine factory mark and the matching factory mark. For example, Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, its piston ring is supported by RIKENCORPORATION, and the outer box is printed with the RIK mark. However, the single piston ring box inside is the Mitsubishi-marked flower box package, which is marked as MITSUBISHI. The piston ring specification is marked with Mitsubishi Motors Corporation and also with the company, so it is not a mistake to think that the internal and external inconsistencies are not pure. Parts.