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Valve accessories maintenance instructions

Issuing Time:2018-12-22

(1) Custody

The storage of valve fittings should be orderly, not messy Put some small valve fittings on the shelves, put those large valves on the floor of the warehouse to carry out the orderly discharge and display of the steam. Do not pile up randomly, do not let the connecting surface of the flange touch the ground, so Not only to achieve an aesthetic effect, but also to protect some valve accessories from being damaged.


The reason for keeping the maintenance valve fittings is not to Let the valve fittings be damaged during storage, or reduce the quality of the valve fittings. But in fact, storage is not an important cause of valve damage.


Because the method of storage and handling is not appropriate, the handwheel is Broken, the valve stem is knocked down or smashed, causing looseness and shedding of the fixing nut of the hand wheel and the valve stem, sometimes there is a loss phenomenon, etc., so try to avoid these Common losses

(4) Valve accessories not used temporarily

For some short time Valve fittings that will not be used should be removed from the asbestos and then filled and fed in order to avoid electrochemical corrosion and rust and damage to the valve stem.