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Decryption|The pain of the construction machinery parts industry

Issuing Time:2018-12-22

Roughly estimate, the annual sales of the accessories market is 200 billion yuan. The huge cake attracts many manufacturers, companies and individuals to participate in various accessories channels. Uneven quality, different prices make the accessories market chaotic, but also brought a lot of troubles and pains to the owners, expensive, cheap, good quality, poor quality ... how to choose the owner? Let's start with the accessories channel.

The source of construction machinery parts is very complicated, including so-called original parts, OEM parts, deputy parts, high copy parts (removable parts, Refurbished parts are not discussed for a long time. Before we understand the pain of accessories, we must first understand what these things mean.

The original parts are as the name suggests, that is, the same accessories as the original car. This type of accessory is the best in the aftermarket and the most expensive one, because it is almost identical to the one that was assembled at the factory, and the parts that are assembled on the new machine come from the same line. The same technical standards, the same quality. We call it the regular army in the accessories.

OEM means original equipment manufacturer, commonly known as "OEM". There are tens of thousands or even tens of thousands of accessories in a single device. It is impossible to develop and manufacture so many parts from the whole machine factory. Therefore, the OEM model appears, and the whole machine factory is responsible for the main design and development of the control equipment. And standard setting, the OEM factory is responsible for producing parts according to the design and standards of the OEM, of course, the OEM factory is authorized by the whole machine factory. Most of the components in the contemporary construction machinery industry are produced by OEM, and the accessories produced in the foundry will eventually have two destinations. First, the LOGO of the whole machine factory will be sent to the whole machine factory. The original parts, the second is to use their own brand packaging to flow into the accessories market, this is the OEM. The characteristic of OEM parts is that the product quality is the same as the original one (the only difference is that there is no original LOGO). Because there is a part of the original brand added value, the price is generally cheaper than the original one. We call it a mercenary.

The deputy factory is also the product of the foundry. The difference between it and the OEM is that the foundry has not obtained the authorization of the whole plant, nor is it The machine factory's technical standards to produce parts, so the deputy factory parts are only available in the parts market, and can not enter the door of the whole machine factory. There are many factories in China. They find some common accessories and come back to develop molds, make simple production equipment, carry out workshop-style production, and then sell their own brands to the accessories market. Such brand parts are generally low in price and uneven in quality. They are also a good choice for those who are pursuing cheap, because such deputy factory parts are at least genuine goods with low prices and low quality routes. We call it civilian armed.